Tabata trainer HIIT workout using bodyweight

Morning everyone! Lets start with a very good example of HIIT workout for the upper body using your own bodyweight.

So what is Tabata?

Firstly i recommend you to download a Tabata timer app. Any Tabata app will do.

The founder is Dr Izumi Tabata and his group of sports scientists from National Institute Of Sports Tokyo. It is a form of HIIT training that last for only 4min each set.

Tabata workout 1 – Push ups

Here is goes –

  1. Do as many as you can for 20sec
  2. complete rest for 10sec
  3. Repeat 8 times (total time taken is 4min)

Bear in mind, this 4min workout may sound easy. But i can guarantee you, by the 5th round, you might not be able to even lift up your arms!!! The key is don’t give up even if u fail halfway. You can slow down and do lesser reps but complete the 8 rounds. Try to remember the round where u failed.

Keep to the same plan and do it often. So next time, you will know how much you actually improved.

Next, you can also move on to other exercises such as squats, burpees, jumping jacks and mountain climbers (4min each).

So if you are short of time with a busy schedule, Tabata is one of the ways to sweat it out. Try it !

What benefits does Tabata training have?

Dr Izumi Tabata claims that this high intensity, punishing short workout regime can help to boost anaerobic fitness quick, improving heart health and mental endurance. The 4min workout may seems short and easy. You are wrong. I tried it personally. I feel like ‘4min in hell’. Your heart rate will shoot up so fast, leads you gasping for oxygen. Within minutes, you will find yourself drenched in a ‘pool’ of sweat.

Feeling? Yes its challenging. So much so that you feel like collapsing (that is only when you push yourself 99%). But trust me,the feeling afterwards is great. Definitely getting the ‘high’ adrenalin pump feeling. Its like a sudden surge of endorphins!

Besides faster and quicker, it also makes you fitter quickly. Your sports performance will improve, together with your VO2max. Tabata workout is perfect for athletes that wants to excel and achieve their personal best records.

Of course, the Tabata burns a lot of calories within a short period of time, hence leading to fast weight loss.

Also, if you incorporate it with your regular gym sessions, it will help to boost muscle growth too. The intense lactic acid build up will have a positive effect on muscle hypertrophy.

His method is quick and fast to complete. Saves time and less boring.

It also reduce the risk of joint degeneration and overuse because if its short time intervals. Its not like hours of doing the same exercise, leading to injuries.

So who is suitable for this hardcore and insane work out regime?

I would say anyone who is fit and healthy. It is good for both gym rats and sports athletes. 3 times every week is a good number to start with, incorporating into your usual gym routines.

Remember, it will not get easier. Reason because its a all out maximum effort kind of program. But it will surely makes you stronger. His protocol is pure genius although ruthless.


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