Lower back ache after prolonged sitting? Try this.

Have u ever experience lower back (Lumbar) ache or stiffness after u woke up from your sleep or sitting too long?

It is a common problem.

Regular stretching can help to solve the problem if its not severe. If there is a sharp pain radiating down the leg (severe case), please refrain from doing any exercises and consult a rehab specialist to get a MRI scan as soon as possible. Possibility is you might have a herniated disc (slipped disc).

So what are the common causes of lower pain ache or stiffness?

Most of the time is due to

  • inactive lifestyle, when you are not moving enough. Work stress and hectic lifestyle makes it worst.
  • Lack of exercise. Training brings blood flow to your muscle. It also strengthen your core muscles, making it stronger to support your body weight.
  • Not stretching enough. See some of the stretches below (stretching photos). Inadequate stretching leads to shortening of your muscle fibres, therefore restricting your range of motion (ROM).
  • tight hamstrings and gluteus. Yes, hamstrings. Because our muscles are somehow connected to each other. Stiffness of the lower limbs does affect the lower back.
  • ┬áBad posture. Do check yourself in the mirror, making sure you are having a neutral spine. Hyper-extending your lower back is not a good habit. It compresses the disc in the lumbar area. Increasing the pressure on the sciatic nerves.


For the dull aches and muscles stiffness around the lower back, do try the basic stretches below.

  1. Lying trunk twist

2. Seated torso twist for mid back stretch

3. Lying Glutes stretch

4. Hamstring stretch

Try these 4 basic lower body stretches daily. Always start with an easy stretch and gradually increase the intensity of the stretch slowly.

Do it a few times daily. Consistency is the key for pain prevention. Its never a one time cure.

Drink loads of water after these stretches.

Do not go into hard stretch or forceful jerking movement.

Happy stretching and more advance stretching to come!!!

Train hard, live well.



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