Fitness Coach Clement

Physiotherapist rehabilitation trainer

Fitness Coach Clement Tan is a very experienced Exercise Rehab Specialist that works very closely with his clients on post injuries exercise rehabilitation, strength and conditioning programs. Constantly upgrading himself with upcoming and latest fitness courses makes him a very knowledgeable Personal Trainer. His ability to fix 90% of his clients joint problems makes him a popular rehab trainer in the physiotherapy industry.

He specialises in functional training, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medication) needling and cupping, deep tissue/trigger point therapy and NKT (Neuromuscular Kinetic Therapy).

A very positive and persistent personality with a lot of passion in his work.

Certifications and achievements:

  • Exercise and Rehab certification (Changi Sports Medicine Centre)
  • Golf Physical condition certified (CHEK)
  • NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning)
  • School of Health and Sports science Australia certified rehab
  • AASFP (Asian Academy For Sports and Fitness Pro)
  • Holistic Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK institute)
  • ISSA (International Sports Science Association)
  • MET (Movement EfficiencyTraining) certified
  • COMT (Certified Clinical Orthopaedic Manual Therapy) for lower and upper extremity, lower back and hips
  • CPR certified by Red Cross Life Saving Society


Trainer Clement’s Certifications

Australian Graduate School of Health & Sports Science Certification

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation certificateNational Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Rehab Elite Trainer Certified

Rocktape kinesiology and power taping certificate of completionOsteon Manual Therapy Advanced Dry Needling certificate

Sports Medicine Australia

Certified Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapist

Neurokinetic Therapy Certified Practitioner

Osteon Manual Therapy Dry Needling certificate

Rehab Practitioner Skills certified (APA Sports Therapist)

Osteon Manual Therapy for spinal manipulation certificate

Active Isolated Stretching foundation level certified

Rehab Trainer Masterclass Certified (APA sports therapist)