A simple guide to healthy eating!

Hello fellow fitness enthusiast! If we ask you what is healthy eating, you are very likely to give a very straight forward answer: “wholegrain cereals, brown rice, plenty of fruits and vegetables, greens and lean meat.”

But human makes it confusing. There so many different view points that you hear from friends, books, media and internet. Unfortunately, most of the info is not correct.

If u ask me, a good nutrition is quite simple. A healthy skepticism and research is needed – consume lots of unprocessed foods like grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, reduced fat dairy products and lean meat such as chicken and fish.

Basic nutrition following a healthy food pyramid is the way to go. Occasionally treat yourself with sinful food such as ice cream, chocolates and alcohol is perfectly fine. for example, chocolates provides essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidant. but being 30% fat content, it cannot be taken in huge amounts. Same goes for other treats like biscuits pastries pies etc. These should be enjoyed, but greatly limited.

So lets talk about the major food groups. i group them into several types.

A. vegetables fruits and legumes -this group should make up 40% of your diet, because it plays a very important role in your body. They provide fibre and antioxidants that helps to protect our body from diseases. Legumes can also be a major protein source!

B. Rice bread and cereals– this group is also around 40% of your diet. Its a major source carbohydrates that gives you energy for fat metabolism. Basically they act as the main fuel source for muscles, liver and the brain function.

C. Lean meat, poultries, eggs and fish- this food group is very important as it provides protein and minerals such as zinc and iron. Fish provides omega 3 fats, essential for healthy heart and brain. protein should take up around maximum 30% of the total diet. Especially if u are an active person, protein helps to repair body cells and builds muscle.

D. Water- yes! -this is the most essential nutrients for our human body in which many people neglect. According to some studies done, drinking more water also helps in weight loss. And please! Drinking water does not put on weight! And it does not cause water retention. Instead, it flushes out toxins, keeping your body hydrated and immune system up!

Remember its the portion that matters, stick to small portion. Basically eat slower and stop at 80% full. Stick to more meals (eg 5-6 small meals) but less amount each meal. In this case, your body will get sufficient nutrients leading to a healthier and leaner body!





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