5 incredible steps to successful body fat loss!

  1. Dont get fooled again!

Your first step is to ignore Fad diet plans and slimming products ( which i will touch on diet plans such as atkins, south beach, low carb, Keto diet etc). Do u think these popular diets are magic pills? losing fats is so easy? answer is NO. These diets plans are not sustainable as it will lead to nutrients deficiency. I will talk about them soon.

2. Food freedom

Ok, you might be surprised. But its true. Do not fear food. Second step is to respect good healthy food and your body will listen to you. Eat the right amount and do not follow a strict diet plan. You dont have to punish yourself through food deprivation. Remember, you are what you eat!

3. choose food wisely

Dine wisely, choosing food that gives you good fibre and nutrients ( vitamins and minerals). Natural food is the way to go. Do check out the Nutritional facts located behind each food packaging.

4. Keep Activity level upĀ 

Be it working out in the gym, going for a short run, playing with your kids running around or having a personal trainer that punishes u, all these increases metabolism rate (fat burning efficiency). Respect your body and soul by engaging enough physical activity daily. Fitter you become, the more fat you will burn.

Dont get me wrong. Activity does not mean vigorous training or hell training. It can be any form. Example, walking, swimming , less driving but more on foot, climbing stairs, gardening or even a simple stretch! Lifting light weights too! Of course spending time in the gym room is optimum but it gets bored after a while. So, lets engage in daily activities, starting from today! Keep your body moving guys.

5. Self discipline and management

You have to accept the fact that losing weight is a long term process. Its not someone elses problem but yours. Gaining weight is gradual, so is losing weight. After accepting this fact, i am sure you will have a long fitness journey ahead of u. Reaching your goals slow and steady is the key. Having a personal trainer is a good kick start on the road to success but its not the answer to it. Its a platform that gives you support and healthy advice to your weight loss success.

Remember, money cant buy health. Only exercising will slow down aging.

Lastly, be realistic and accept the responsibilty of having a healthy fit body. Treat your body well, rest, breath calmly and train regularly.


Lets talk soon!


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