Can i lose weight fast?

Possible to lose weight fast?

Hi guys. Lose weight fast? This question is the most commonly asked with thousands of answers.

The answer is NO. let me slowly explain to you.

Every human body gain weight slowly and gradually over the years. Because our body is made to do so. Its a natural process we cannot defy. On average, an inactive person will gain at a rate of 1-3 grams a day. That is about 350-1000 grams per year. Scary huh?

So after 5 years, you will see yourself put on 3-6kg suddenly.  You don’t get fat overnight. Weight gain is slow and gradual, so is weight loss. There is not instant magic pill. WE reverse the process in the most ancient way. Exercise.

It may sound frustrating and you may feel like giving up. its a fact. But consider losing 1kg per month, you will return back to how you look like this time , last year.

For example. do this below . i mean seriously do it!

if you change 600ml full cream milk to reduced fat skim milk, you save 150000KJ per year = potential loss of 5kg per year.

if u change 2 full cream biscuits for breakfast to an apple, you save 200000Kj per year = potential loss of 6.5kg per year.

So, in total you will lose around 11kg!   yes. i am not kidding. 

Stick to this formula below :

Calories expenditure more than calories input  = Weight Loss

Remember, having a well balanced diet and simple calories changes daily can make a big difference over a long period ! Look at the long run !





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