Can i change my body shape?

How to change body shape?

In this modern society, we feel pressured to conform to what is an ideal body shape. For female, please remember that it is normal to store fats around the hips and thigh areas. Women are genetically built this way so that she had fat reserves to prepare for pregnancies. As for men usually is around the tummy or mid section. Basically we need fats to protect our internal organs thats why.

There are 3 types of body types. Ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.

Ectomorph- skinny, lean, difficult to build muscle

Endomorph- often pear shaped, big with high body fat %, difficulty in losing body fat

Mesomorph- muscular, good muscle tone, high metabolism rate, easy to put on muscle (very reactive).

So, the ability to change your body shape all depends on the above genetic factors. Which type of body shape are you?

With all the genetic factors, stressful lifestyle and bad eating, changing your body shape is not an easy task. Provided you belong to the mesomorph group (lucky!). Sure, weights training, cardio and daily exercising will improve your musculature, but beyond that, one will feel better accepting their body type. Acceptance will help in long term motivation, making fitness training more sustainable and realistic.

Get rid of fats on your core area

For example, a very common question among my clients. “Can i get rid of abdominal fat by doing sit ups or crunches?” Well, sadly, it is a fact that we cannot “spot” reduce a certain area of our body. Doing abdominal exercises will only improve and abdominal muscles and tone, but it wont magically get rid of the layer of fat under the skin.

The only way is to eat less calories than u burn. High kcal output and low Kcal input is only way to go for removing body fat. So start working out and eat quality food.  So…… yes . U can change your body’s muscular structure giving you the tone and shape you want but you cant change the overall skeletal structure determined by your genetics. One surely can improve on it, depending on your expectations and goals.

End of the day, be happy with your body, love your body and it will change.

Its more important to have a healthy soul than having a six pack.

Train for health and fitness, and the rest will progress. Good luck!



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