Start HIIT workout today!

What does HIIT workout means?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the key to a fitter and leaner body. Over the years , It’s health benefits are scientifically proven, making it very popular in the fitness training world .

It was made popular by professional athletes, to improve their performance in the shortest possible time, in preparation for their game or race . It’s commonly seen among the track and field athletes. Now, HIIT is commonly seen in gyms and outdoor Parks because of its amazing results.

Ok let me briefly explain what exactly is HIIT. It’s a short and sweet workout (usually around 15 min or less) involving intervals of super fast paced exercise (usually 80-100 maximum effort) with low intensity exercise (slow pace) or complete rest in between the intervals .

In another words, these super high intensity intervals are short and explosive (~30sec) with rest in between them (~30-60sec).


Below is an example of a HIIT workout you can try out ! (not for the faint heart! Haha)

Using the treadmill (8 intervals for fit people) -Do a 5min light warm up cardio before you start.

-sprint 30 Sec (80-90% max heart rate)

-followed by 1 min slow jog

Repeat 8 times .

You can play around with the interval time . For average person, always start with an easy one. Meaning longer rest periods.

For stronger and fitter person, you can shorten the rest period.

Below are the benefits I personally experienced with HIIT workout:

  • Rapid fat loss
  • Quick improvement in fitness level
  • Increase metabolism rate (body still burn calories hours after)
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Improve your VO2max (oxygen uptake efficiency)
  • Fun and challenging
  • No equipment needed(you can do body weight exercises)
  • Build stronger heart muscles
  • Time efficient for the busy people
  • You are more likely to do it

Therefore, with HIIT workout routines, we don’t have any excuses not to exercise. Because its efficient and without spending hours in the gym.

Give it a try, i will post up a few HIIT workout programs in a while.



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