Do muscle turn into fats if you stop training?

Do muscle turn into fats after you stop training?

Do muscle turn into fats after you stop exercising?

The Answer is NO.

These are false claims.

Muscle and fat are 2 different tissues and are made up of different cells.

There is no direct conversion from one to the other.

Muscle fibres are made up of protein, connecting bones together, allowing contraction and relaxation. While fats are just fat storage due to the extra calories consumed. They are mostly stored under the skin, also known as subcutaneous fat.

When you stopped training, muscles will just get smaller (muscle atrophy). Because it is being broken down in a form of protein to provide energy for our body. And when muscles are not used for a period, it loses water and glycogen (sugar) stores, decreasing in size. Also, once you stopping working out, our metabolism rate will drop and we don’t use up as much energy as we once was.

Therefore, at the same time eating too much food, the excess calories will be stored as fats under the skin or in your organs(visceral fat).

So, theses fats are purely fat cells that multiply on top of the muscle fibres underneath our skin.

Vice versa, fats don’t convert into muscles too! Fat cells are used up when we exercise (energy expenditure), making us look leaner. With a decrease in our fat%. we are able to see our muscle fibres or muscle tone that is ‘hiding below’.

So i repeat,

you cannot convert fats into muscles nor muscles into fats. We can do exercise to build more muscles and burn more fats.

Muscles will shrink when you stop weights training but it will never turn into fats!



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