22 good reasons to start exercising at any age!

My personal training career started since 2004, seeing clients from all walks of life, with different fitness goals and reasons. Still remembering my first client was an aneroxic girl who wanted to gain weight. There are many reasons to start exercising, so what are yours? Personally, i think the most important question is to ask yourself why are you doing it.

So what are the benefits of exercising?

In this article, i have come out with a list of reasons why you should start moving your body. Hopefully, you will be convinced that embarking on the fitness regime is one of the best things in life one can experience.

In my coaching career, i have seen health benefits that are extraordinary. Its not just about losing weight or looking good aesthetically. Its about having a healthy lifestyle and its potential to adding many healthy years to your life. Yes, you can live much longer, going against genetic factors, because having an active life leads to a healthy mind.

Having a healthy mind or mental health is the most powerful tool one must have. I have seen a cancer patient recovering. Client with a ruptured knee returning to his sport competitively. And a client overcoming her depression issues, seeing the positive side of her life. It seems like a good medicine right?

No time for exercising? No time for gym?

Where will you find time to exercise? I don’t know. If you have time to watch TV, you have time for a walk. Agree? Maybe its time.

Its true that 30min of cardio training, 3 days a week, helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases. For body fat reduction and fitness improvements, you probably need to be active 5 days a week. 5x30min=2.5 hours. That is only 2.5 hours a week.

Imagine that. Its not a lot of time taken. 2.5 hours a week? Its actually the total time of watching a good movie.

So if you are missing the reasons to start your healthy lifestyle or exercising, just read the list below.

  1. Our body is designed to move. Not sitting down. Because we have legs, not just butt alone.
  2. It burns fat and keeps your weight down so that your friends and relatives can still recognise you.
  3. You can live longer. A super active person lives 5 years more than a lazy bum.
  4. It reduce your stress. Don’t take it out on your family. Thrash the treadmill instead. OR whack the punch bag.
  5. It increases endorphin levels. The same happy chemicals released by our brains when we eat yummy ice cream or struck lottery.
  6. It increases muscle mass and tone which helps to increase your metabolism rate. Humans likes to see nice tone body.
  7. Helps to stop you from over eating or bingeing. Curbs your alcoholic temptations too.
  8. Improves your mental health and brain connectivity. Less grumpy.
  9. It improves your immune system, making you less prone to getting colds and flu viruses.
  10. It regulates digestive system, prevent constipation. Unclog your down pipe.
  11. You feel fitter. Allowing you to be more productive during work, means more money in your bank.
  12. It keeps your HDL level up. Reduce chance of getting heart diseases.
  13. It improves your social circle. Fitness is a great topic among peers or family. Unless you train in a cave.
  14. Improves your sleep.
  15. Reduce the risk of diabetes.
  16. Protects you from colon and prostrate cancer. All men pls take note.
  17. Keeps your blood pressure down.
  18. Prevent osteoporosis (brittle bones). Especially weight bearing exercises eg weight lifting , body weight exercises. Keeps bone density up.
  19. Promotes healthy joints, delaying osteoarthritis.
  20. Slows down the aging process. You naturally look younger with a fit body. As you grow older, you will be thankful for this. Being able to play and run around with your grandchildren is a blessing.
  21. You look different from your peers. You tend to attract more of the opposite sex. hmmmm.
  22. It just feels good to be fit. Really good.

If you managed to read all my 22 points, congratulations. You have made the first step.

Being active sound like a good deal huh? Fountain of youth is what we lived for. Because humans find it easier to make dull and predictable excuses not to exercise. They don’t respect their body enough to keep it active and energetic. And the pursuit of wealth and fame is becoming our main priority in life. Sad isn’t it? As a result, our body and health suffers, through degeneration.


So, if physical training have so many nourishing benefits, why are we not doing enough??? Only you know the answer.




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