12 minutes easy to follow exercises

Easy to follow exercises for a better health!

(Body SOS Health Carnival 2019)

Ptworks and Cooksfitup are collaborating for this Health and Fitness Carnival at Suntec Convention Centre Singapore on 2nd and 3rd March 2019. This health carnival is featured across Mediacorp Singapore, helping to publicise across TV, radio and social media platforms.

Today we are going to show some easy to follow exercise videos in different intensities.

People from all ages in Singapore are getting more aware of their own health and wellness. Keeping yourself fit and healthy is no longer a difficult task. It can be simple and less time consuming if you do the right exercises.

You don’t have to be fit and strong to start with. Our exercises below are for sedentary lifestyle population, catered for all ages.


Watch our easy-to-follow exercise videos

Available in 3 different intensity levels of exercises. Low, Moderate and High.

You can start off with the low intensity exercises first. Participants with higher level of fitness can go straight into moderate and high intensity exercises. Remember to stay hydrated and get yourself proper training gears if needed. 


Lets stay active and get started now!

Start slow and pace yourself. Do not rush through the exercises as it takes time to build your fitness.

Minimum twice a week. Do it daily if u have the time!  A few sessions per week can definitely improve your fitness level!


12 minutes exercises to a better you!

Low intensity exercises


Moderate intensity exercises


High intensity exercises


Singapore Health Promotion Board recommends a daily 30 min of low intensity exercises

According to Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, it is important to keep yourself healthy and active even though you have a busy working lifestyle. 

Work life balance is important!

One easy way is to exercise regularly and aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activities each week. In addition, adults aged 50 years or older should maintain their physical fitness by doing strength training, stability and balance exercises at least twice a week.

During moderate-intensity physical activities, you should be able to talk but not sing. This is a simple measurement of your exercise intensity. You should not be gasping for air. Breathing should be controlled. 

During high intensity activities, you should be having some difficulties in talking. Heart rate should be quite high. Slow down the pace if you cannot sustain or feeling unwell.




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