Kettlebell training for power and speed.

Going to the gym needs a lot of discipline and time. We always wanted a quick and fast workout that burns the most calories and triggers our muscle growth. A good solid Kettlebell workout is the way to go.

Now, pls get a kettlebell from most sports shops in Singapore. They are easily available in Decathlon Singapore.

My Awesome client doing a classic kettlebell swing!

Do 8 sets of 30 seconds each for a good butt and core workout!


Another client using 2 kettles for another classic exercise !


Double bicep curls

Personal training kettlebell workout
Kettlebell bicep curls training


Double Kettlebell squats

Fitness coaching
Double 8kg Kettle squats



Kettlebell deadlift

Personal trainer using kettlebell
Deadlifting using 2 kettlebells


Kettlebell upright rows for deltoids

Power training workout
Shoulder workout aka upright rows


Yes, above are some easy to do exercises using kettlebells. You can use 1 kettlebell instead to name it easier. Using both actually makes it harder and more challenging.

As you can see, kettlebells makes a good equipment for home workouts. Easy storage too.

A 15 min intense HIIT session will definitely gives you muscle aches the next day!


Ok here are the benefits of KB workouts:

  • Improves power and explosive strength
  • Improves speed
  • Helps muscle growth
  • Improves Anaerobic fitness
  • Burns high amounts of calories
  • Time saving, no need big gyms to get the same amount of intensity
  • Versatile
  • Very functional
  • Helps improves sports performance


Above are some basic KB exercises. More advance kettlebell exercises can also be done. You can consult our experienced personal trainers for a good trial KB workout!

Train hard, train safe!

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